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Simple Appetizer: Fresh Veggies with Olive Oil and Sea Salt

updated May 11, 2022
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It really doesn’t get much simpler than this! Take the freshest vegetables you can find and arrange them on a platter with a bowl of really good olive oil and another bowl of sea salt. Let guests dip, sprinkle, and nibble to their heart’s content. You won’t believe how ridiculously tasty this is.

When you’re buying vegetables fresh from the farmers market or picking them straight from your own garden, their flavors are so vibrant that they usually don’t need much in the way of enhancement. That’s the idea behind this Italian-style crudité platter, properly called “Pinzimonio.” It’s simply a way to enjoy the flavors of the season just as they are.

Think about tiny heirloom carrots, wedges of tomato, spicy radishes, raw spears of zucchini, and florets of cauliflower. These can be grouped together on a pretty tray and served just as they are. A few vegetables, like green beans and asparagus, benefit from a quick blanch in boiling water to make them palatable and perk up their color.

This is definitely the time to bring out the really good bottle of extra-virgin olive oil you’ve been saving. We love the way the aromatic olive oil perfumes the air and hits our tongue just a second before we bite into the vegetable.

For more ideas, check out this recipe for Pinzimonio from Martha Stewart. She even takes things one step further by mixing fresh herbs with the sea salt!

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