Simone’s Down To Earth Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s easy to showcase a million dollar kitchen as a source of inspiration, but are those unattainable inspirations entirely helpful? I find it much more satisfying to see a down-to-earth kitchen — one that I know I can offer me real life inspiration. Simone’s kitchen is just such an inspiring kitchen.

Simone’s kitchen is exactly that — down to earth and attainable. She didn’t fill her kitchen with the lastest technologies or $500 cookware. She embraces the rustic vintage quality of most homes in the LA area and chose the decor accordingly.

The orange wall color is a perfect way to smile at the many years the kitchen has seen. Simone perfectly accessorized the space with vintage items. Take a trip to your local flea market this weekend and you can certainly get this look!

(Images: Marcia Prentice)