Silly, Amazing, & Strange: Design Concepts for The Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We mostly focus on the practical, here at The Kitchn. We like good ideas for everyday cooking and recipes that anyone can make. But we also like to keep an eye on the fanciful and the creative! There are many designers out there who are working on new concepts for kitchen gadgets and tools. Some of these are slightly unhinged, but some seem like great ideas.

Here’s a gallery of some interesting design concepts for the kitchen. Which is your favorite?

Pepper Fork and Salt Spoon – Keep your salt and pepper in your fork and spoon.

Integrated Cutting Board and Scale – This is one simple idea we love.

Espresso Machines from Room69 – Fanciful espresso machine concepts.

Sexy Rice Cooker! – We featured this sleek little concept last week.

Strappo Wine Cork – A clever way to repurpose your wine cork.

Gaggenau Lift Oven – This one is actually a concept in production, but it looks rather sci-fi to us!

Tetras Trivets – Another concept that was popular enough to go into limited production. Chicken feet!

Dish Drainer/Herb Garden – Would you let dishes dry next to dirt and herbs?

Wearable Cutlery – Half a dozen concepts for wearable cutlery!

Stix Eyewear – And if those earlier cutlery concepts weren’t enough, here’s a way to carry your chopsticks in your glasses.

The Kitchen Sync – A new generation of cookbook for your kitchen.

Gibli Ortal Juicer – A very, um, impressive design.

Fridgy – The Folding Refrigerator – A folding fridge, just what you’ve always wanted.

What do you think? Are any of these concepts good enough to market?