The Versatile $50 Amazon Bowl Set I Use for Storing, Serving, Heating, Freezing, Eating — and So Much More

published Jan 23, 2024
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In my opinion, the best home goods to have when living in a small dwelling are those that serve multiple purposes. I’m talking organizers, kitchen gadgets, cookware, and more — and if they’re space-saving, that’s even better. If you’ve ordered or prepared any kind of food at home, you know how easy it is for containers to pile up over time. Repeatedly cleaning out my Tupperware cabinet to retrieve containers I don’t remember getting in the first place has taught me to be more scrupulous about which ones actually get to stay in my home. If they nest, stack, or collapse, I’ll probably hold on to them for a while.

Another factor that helps to convince me about whether or not a container is for keeps is how it performs overall. I know on the surface it seems like the ability to store food is enough, but why limit it there when some containers can do so much more? I had the chance to try out Silipint’s Silicone Lidded Bowl collection, and it’s become my go-to for storage, reheating, eating, and more. And, get this: I hardly ever have to worry about them taking up space in my cabinet because they’re almost always in use.

What Are the Silipint Silicone Lidded Bowls?

Made with platinum-cured, food-safe silicone, Silipint’s lidded bowls are reusable, durable, extremely versatile. The set of three comes with 10, 20, and 30-ounce bowls that nest without lids and stack if you want to keep all the pieces together. They’re also equipped with airtight lids that seal everything inside and prevent sudden spills, an easy-grip exterior and non-slip bottom for handling. The containers are microwave- and dishwasher-safe, freezer-friendly, and are even oven-safe up to 450°F. (Yes, you can bake in them, too!) If that’s not enough, they’re also fade-resistant, scratch-resistant, and won’t crack or chip.

Not only are the Silipint Lidded Bowls great to use at home, they’re fantastic outdoors and on the go. You can use them for solo and shareable snacks, picnics, lunch, and more. Plus, because they’re flexible and won’t dent, you don’t have to worry about any smushed food while you’re out. In addition to food storage, these bowls can also be used for serving and mixing as well. The brand also offers pint glasses, wine glasses, tumblers, and more.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the Silipint Silicone Lidded Bowls

What first caught my attention about the lidded bowls from Silipint were the lively designs and colors available, but it was trying them that really solidified their place in my home. The containers are made with thick silicone, and while they can get a little scuffed from being knocked around, they’re easily wiped clean. The brand picked all the right sizes for the set, considering how often I use them all from storing condiments and snacks in the 10-ounce bowl to leftovers and days’ worth of rice in the 30-ounce bowl. I use the 20-ounce bowl most often for cereal and small meals on the go. Sometimes, I even use it to cart non-food items from one place to another that I want to keep safe in my bag.

What made the Silipint lidded bowl a total game-changer in my kitchen was its ability to reheat food inside of it while remaining cool enough to handle on the outside. I was so surprised the first time I warmed up some dinner leftovers to a steaming temperature and didn’t have to grab a towel or oven mitt to remove it from the microwave. Ever since then, I’ve been singing its praises. That being said, these containers can heat up to the point where you’ll need to protect your hands, but in most cases, your food will be warm enough to eat before the bowl is too hot to handle. No joke, I take these out more than any other food storage container in the cabinet. They just have so many uses that I can’t help myself!