The $7 Find That’ll Keep Your Countertop Organized and Spotless

published Oct 26, 2023
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Credit: Tessa Cooper

Even if you only dabble in cooking meals at home, you know how quickly and easily your counters can get messy. First, you’ll pull all of the ingredients out of your fridge and cabinets, followed by all of your tools — spoons, spatulas, and tongs always end up littered all over the place. Of course, then comes the actual cooking, when food splatters and spills everywhere. Even if you’re careful, there’s really nothing you can do to avoid it … or is there?

The solution is a spoon rest. Spoon rests are simple yet ingenious (and usually, fairly inexpensive) products that’ll keep your counters in pristine condition when you’re whipping up dishes, and once you add one to your setup, you’ll never go back. We just found an option from QVC that not only keeps your dirty utensils from touching the counter, but your cookware lids, too. I saved the best news for last: It’s going for only $7 right now. But it’s only on sale for a limited time, so let’s jump right into why you should get it for your kitchen.

What is the Silicone Utensil Rest with Lid Holder?

In addition to making a mess, there’s nothing worse than not having everything you need in a spot that’s easy to find and reach when you’re making a meal. Not only will this organizer do just that, making the cooking process way more enjoyable, but it’ll make the cleanup afterwards completely painless. Any spillage that gets on the silicone spoon rest can be rinsed off in seconds, so there’ll be no more struggling to scrape dried food off of the counters. Along with its four slots for utensils, the lid holder is a wildly convenient feature, keeping everything secure and clean. When all is said and done, the silicone material also means that it stores in the drawer and takes up minimal space.

Credit: QVC

What QVC Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 3.8/5

“I just love this spoon rest because it offers 4 slots for utensils and a space on the back for my largest pan lid. Keeps everything organized and clean. I would highly recommend this item to anyone!” — spadahlia

“This utensil rest is well made and quite sturdy. However, my favorite use for the utensil rest is on the arm of my Lazyboy recliner. I place my tablet in its case in the landscape position on the arm of the chair inside of the utility rest. This enables me to read, play games or answer email without having to strain my neck or constantly hold the tablet.” — missouri pianocat

“I received this a few weeks ago, and I have used it just about every day since, and sometimes multiple times a day. It holds my tongs, spatulas, you name it. Also, the slot to put a lid is very helpful. I also use that slot to hold seasoning packets upright while I wait for water to boil. Easy cleanup! I just love it!” — LuvDessert

The marked-down price alone should be enough to convince you, but when you consider how much time and energy this spoon rest will save you, there’s no denying that it’s a steal. Don’t miss out on this unbeatable deal!

Buy: Silicone Utensil Rest with Lid Holder, $7.18 (normally $21.70)