This “Brilliant” $10 Sink Gadget Solved My Grossest Kitchen Problem

published Jan 22, 2024
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We all know that expression — “everything but the kitchen sink” — and I think I know why no one ever includes it: the kitchen sink is a lot of work! From the awkward under-sink cabinet with pipes jutting into it that’s a perpetual leak hazard, to the sheer amount of times it’s touched and used in a day (especially for my family of seven), kitchen sinks require lots of upkeep. 

One of the most unpleasant issues I’ve encountered with every sink I’ve had is the puddle that accumulates around the base of the faucet. Whether it’s from my own hands that drip all around as I wash dishes or prepare food, or from the arsenal of dishwashing tools I store nearby, there is a constant source of water splashing, dripping, or seeping into this area. What makes it worse is that in the busyness of the kitchen bustle, I don’t always notice the wet area to clean it up. Often, the water pools and sits, leading to a scummy space and, eventually, a stubborn ring of grime around the base of the faucet. Yuck!

I’ve learned how important it is to keep the caulk in tip-top shape in this area of the counter especially for the health of the sink, but I’ve also been on the lookout for a solution that stymies this behind-the-sink water problem in the first place — and I just so happened to find it.

I recently came across this smart product, aptly called a Silicone Faucet Handle Drip Catcher Tray Mat, that looked like it might solve several of my kitchen sink woes. At only $9.99, I figured it was worth a try. I measured my countertop space around my faucet and ordered the mat immediately. 

It works so well! It has silicone flanges that fit snugly around the base of the faucet, making the mat super effective at blocking water drips and spills. The mat is grooved, hangs slightly over the sink, and angles downward, causing the water to drain into the sink rather than sit stagnant, much like a well-draining dish rack

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

The other thing that I love about this sink mat is that it provides the perfect spot for setting my sponges and other dishwashing tools. The sponge holder I had before was a teak soap dish that I’d stack my Scrub Daddy, my sponge, and my scrubbing pad on. They often toppled over and, of course, stacking them didn’t help them dry. With the sink mat, however, there’s so much more surface area for me to set these items. They dry faster, they don’t drip onto the counter top, and they’re more accessible than ever (see: not stacked). 

A couple notes: Make sure you take careful measurements of your sink area so you order the right sink mat; the mat isn’t my most favorite aesthetically, although the gray blends in nicely, but the functionality in this case wins out. 

More than just catching water and diverting it to the sink, the mat is a multi-purpose problem-solver — my favorite kind — and one of the new star tools in my kitchen. 

Buy: Silicone Faucet Handle Drip Catcher Tray Mat, $9.99