The One and Only Brand of Tortilla Chips I Buy

updated May 1, 2019
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While I have a shockingly controllable sweet tooth, I am a devout lover of crunchy, salty snacks. They are the thing I reach for time and time again when the munchies hit. Of course, not just any salty snack will do. Crackers are totally acceptable now and then, as are potato chips. What I really want, though, all of the time, is tortilla chips. This brand of tortilla chips, specifically.

(Image credit: Siete)

Over the years I’ve really worked my way through the ever-growing selection of tortilla chips. I was never consciously on the hunt for the best chips (for my liking) — I was just a curious chip-lover, looking to experience all the choices my grocery store snack aisle had to offer. I grew up with all the big grocery store and name brands (my mom would usually buy a rotating selection based on what was on sale). By my late 20s I was well-versed on the (usually smaller) more colorful, flavorful, and often pricer bags. Then finally last year I discovered Siete chips. Cue the confetti guns.

After seeing them touted by wellness bloggers and sliding through my Instagram feed with increasing frequency, curiosity got the best of me and I tracked down a bag at my local Whole Foods (they’re even at less fancy grocery stores now — thank you, Siete!). I was barely through the door before I tore into the bag, and that initial taste left me with so many thoughts. They were definitely different than any tortilla chip I’d ever tasted.

Buy: Siete Grain-Free Sea Salt Tortilla Chips, $7 for five ounces

What I Love About Siete Tortilla Chips

For starters, these tortilla chips are grain-free and made with just five ingredients, all of which you can pronounce with ease (cassava flour being the main ingredient). It’s that lineup of ingredients that gives them a distinctly different taste than most tortilla chips. Instead of corn, these extra-large and distinctly thin chips have a taste reminiscent of yucca or taro. They’re wonderfully light and crispy, yet also strong enough to hold up to dips — an essential quality in my book. And let’s not forget the salt factor, which is right on the money, and keeps me wanting more.

Fun fact: Siete Tortilla Chips also made our top 100 list of grocery essentials in our Kitchn 100 program.

Your turn! What’s your favorite brand of tortilla chips?