This Under-the-Radar Brand Changed the Way I Feel About Tinned Fish — and Now I’m Stocking Up

published Aug 11, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

I’ve always been a tuna guy, in all of its many forms. Raw, seared, on a patty melt, and, yes, straight from the can. And while a lot of people find canned (or “tinned,” which seems to be in vogue these days) tuna unappetizing, a lot of other people — myself included — would beg to differ. It’s typically an affordable, delicious, and protein-packed meat that you can get pretty much anywhere, and it serves a ton of different purposes. You can, of course, toss it on a sandwich; you can pop it into a patty melt; you can use it to make a tuna casserole; and many, many more recipes. Recently, though, there’s been a tinned fish renaissance (though, did it really ever leave?), in which all of the cool kids seemed to rediscover the joys of delicacies including kipper snacks, sardines, anchovies, and the humble can of tuna. Whatever your feelings on that phenomenon, at least one awesome thing has come out of it: The quality of available tinned fish has skyrocketed. One delicious example? Siesta Co.’s Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō

What Is the Siesta Co. Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō?

Siesta Co. and YUZUCO — one of my favorite brands for all things yuzu — collaborated on this delicious tin to meld the seafood cultures of Spain and Japan. Tuna belly is often considered the finest part of the fish in Spanish cuisine, and is known for its rich flavor and delicate texture. The taste is only amplified with the gentle touch of yuzu koshō, a Japanese seasoning that elevates the already rich, buttery flavor. Plus, if you’ve ever had yuzu, you know that the acidity it brings is somewhere between a lime and an orange, though that description really doesn’t do it justice. It’s its own thing, and you’ll just have to try it yourself to truly get what I’m saying. This cut of tuna is perfect on its own, but also tastes great with rice, on a sandwich, or as the star of whatever dish you’re whipping up. 

Credit: Ian Burke

Why I Love the Siesta Co. Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō

First of all, the best thing about Siesta Co.’s Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō is the ease in which you can whip it out for a tasty, no-fuss meal. I always keep a few cans of this (and their other delicious offerings) on hand for nights when I really don’t want to chef up an elaborate meal. I usually just pop some rice on the stove, toss some broccoli in the air fryer, whack the tuna on top, and call it a delicious, delicious day. Plus, any way I can work yuzu into a meal is a plus for me, and since it’s a different cut of tuna than I’m used to, it adds a layer of newness that I really appreciate on a weeknight. To top it all off, the packaging is sweet, and every time I crack one open, I feel like I’m on a beach somewhere in southern Europe. So, if you’re looking for a delicious and easy way to level up any number of meals — or just a fun new snack to add to your rotation — look no further than Siesta Co.’s Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō.