What Are Good Make-Ahead Side Dishes for a Self-Catered Wedding?

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Q: I’m having my wedding in mid-September, and it will be largely self-catered. I’ve found a lot of great wedding inspiration on The Kitchn, and I was hoping readers might have good suggestions for side dishes which can be made in advance and simply assembled or garnished on my wedding day.

I won’t be overseeing the final assembly, so again the key is to keep it simple. I have the whole week before my wedding to prep.

What can I make on Tuesday/Wednesday that will still be tasty for my wedding feast on Saturday?

Sent by Lindsay

Editor: Lindsay, this depends on what you’re making for the main dish, but anything stewed or braised will hold up well for a couple days. What about stewed collard greens, or a gratin of sweet potatoes and cheese?

Readers, what else would you suggest?

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