I Found My New Favorite Candle and It Smells Just Like Freshly Brewed Coffee

updated Jan 14, 2021
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Cozy flatlay with wooden tray, cup of coffee or cocoa, candle, notebooks on white sheets and blankets

10 months into the pandemic and my home has almost completed its transformation into a comforting sanctuary. I have set up my very own in-house coffee shop, I’m traveling the world from my couch thanks to delicious snack boxes and I now have a fluffy, or weighted blanket-in-waiting draped over every spare surface. The only thing missing? Candles to set the mood. So over the holidays, I spent my days off looking for the perfect candle to bring home. I’m usually partial to Voluspa’s Baltic Orange that smells like the Mediterranean Sea, or Slow Burn from Boy Smells that captures the heady scent of a lit cigar. But I had been sniffing those for months now and needed a change. Thanks to Instagram’s algorithm that probably detects I’m a foodie always on the hunt for new decor brands, I got matched with Sicily Hill, a relatively new female-owned brand that specializes in creating luxury candles inspired by delicious cocktails, scrumptious lattes, and invigorating teas. Their landing page has an image of an oversized candle labeled Cappuccino. I did what any self-respecting coffee-lover would do; I hit checkout.

I have sniffed a few coffee-scented candles in my days, and they always have one thing in common — an overpowering vanilla scent. With Sicily Hill’s Cappuccino, I first get a strong hint of espresso gently followed by a whiff of caramel that deliciously coats the air around my apartment transforming it into a sweet and salty cocoon I never want to leave. It’s both invigorating and comforting, sort of like a strong cup of coffee but to wake up your senses! Priced at $69, the candle isn’t exactly cheap, but once it was delivered I knew I was getting major bang for my buck. To simply put it, the candle is humongous with three wicks that ensure a cleaner burn time and a faster-and-furious blast of lovely aromas!

I was so impressed with Cappucino that recently I also snagged the Berry Spritzer, a fragrance with notes of mixed berries, sugar, and lavender encased in a bright blue glass jar. It’s my new Friday night candle that sparks up the minute I shut down my laptop and pour myself a glass of wine. Besides Cappuccino and Berry Spritzer, Sicily Hill also offers fragrance options like Lavender Tea and Champagne in the 26-ounce size. You can also snag the exact same fragrances in 7-ounce sizes (priced at $39), with the added options of a Pina Colada and Mojito made with ingredients that promise to transport you to a Caribbean holiday. As a bonus, the candles are all made with soy wax, hand-poured right here in the United States, and delivered in beautiful leather-strapped boxes that make them ideal for gifting that favorite coffee date or drinking buddy you haven’t seen in forever. And if you’re taking a cue from me, the lucky recipient can also be you!

So in these unprecedented times when I haven’t seen my family or many of my close friends for almost a year now, I think it’s okay to allow myself a little joy and indulgence. And if it’s hand-poured in a beautiful glass jar smelling like my favorite beverage, then I’m here for it!