Shut Up, Foodie! Site Skewers Hipster Foodie Clichés

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We spend pretty much all day online, reading and blogging about food. So we had to snicker (albeit self-consciously) when we saw this new site, Shut Up, Foodie! It skewers some of the memes so prevalent in food blogging: Local food, organic food, bacon, bacon, bacon…

Also, they would like us to stop talking about ramps.

Their manifesto:

Attention, locavores, omnivores, urban butchers, backyard beekeepers, cheese fanatics, and conspicuous consumers of consuming: Your chickens won’t save the world and we don’t want the life story of everything on the menu. We don’t care what you eat–we just want you to lower the volume. Also, please stop talking about ramps.

Taken in good fun, it’s actually a pretty good read — nothing like getting more aware of our own genre’s clichés!

(Image: Shut Up Foodie!)