43 Shredded Chicken Recipes for Easy Weeknight Dinners

published Nov 2, 2023
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Easy sheet pan chicken nachos in the pan, one hand pulls a couple of chips out
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Whether you purchased a whole rotisserie chicken or have leftover chicken from last night’s dinner, there are endless ways to put it to good use. In fact, cooked, shredded chicken is one of the very best weeknight shortcuts, instantly turning soups, pasta bakes, pizza, and more into satisfying, protein-packed meals. 

From a Buffalo chicken pasta bake to a sheet pan of loaded nachos, here are 43 tasty ways to transform shredded chicken into dinner. 

Soups and Salads

This collection of recipes proves the versatility of shredded chicken. Add it to a cold soba noodle salad (with a two-ingredient dressing!) for a near-instant meal, or stir into a creamy broth for a twist on your favorite Olive Garden appetizer. 

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Gỏi Gà (Vietnamese Shredded Chicken and Cabbage Salad)

Making this fresh and tangy salad with rotisserie chicken lets you avoid the stove altogether.

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Copycat Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup
This copycat Olive Garden chicken gnocchi soup has everything from the creamy broth to the pillowy gnocchi, chicken, and vegetables.
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Easy Chicken Shawarma Salad
This is the best way to use leftover chicken.
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30-Minute Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup

Elevate leftover rice and chicken into a comforting chicken & rice soup that you can make in less than 30 minutes.

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Chicken and "Clunkers" Soup
This weeknight recipe starts with boxed chicken broth and a rotisserie chicken for ease and convenience.
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Brunswick Stew
This flavor-packed stew gets its kick from a mustard-based sauce.
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Chicken, Tomato, and White Bean Soup

This pantry-friendly soup features shredded rotisserie chicken, creamy white beans, and a full bunch of leafy, nutrient-dense kale.

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Creamy Chicken Poblano Soup

This creamy soup, from Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Table, Volume 2, is a nod to one eaten on one of her and Chips' first dates.

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Chicken Tortilla Soup

How to make classic chicken tortilla soup in one pot using a few grocery store shortcuts to come together in just about a half hour.

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Cajun Gumbo
This humble Southern stew represents the marriage of cultures, subtleties of tradition, local ingredients, and, above all, community.
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French Bistro Salad with Rotisserie Chicken
A 20-minute dinner salad inspired by the roasted chicken salad at Buvette, a French bistro in NYC’s West Village.
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Rotisserie Chicken Panzanella
Rotisserie chicken, toasted bread cubes, and sweet summer veggies combine for a shortcut panzanella you'll want to eat all summer long.
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Handheld Foods

Sliders, tacos, pizza, taquitos … need we say more? This collection of snacky recipes is just plain fun. 

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Chicken Sliders
For the best-ever chicken sliders, mix shredded chicken with mayo, sour cream, and scallions. Melty cheese and buttery rolls take things to the next level.
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Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos
Want restaurant-style chicken nachos at home? This is your go-to recipe!
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3-Ingredient Costco Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps
There’s nothing a Costco rotisserie chicken can’t do.
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Cheesy taquitos are the dreamiest and easiest weeknight meal.
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Rotisserie Chicken Tacos

Shred the chicken, warm up the tortillas, chop an onion, and “dress” the cabbage with some lime juice and salt. Put it all on the table, and it’s ready to eat!

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Air Fryer Taquitos

These air fryer taquitos feature crispy tortillas rolled around a creamy chicken filling.

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Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Spicy Buffalo chicken plus gooey, crispy pizza is a culinary mash-up masterpiece.
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Individual BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Flatbread Pizzas
Thanks to store-bought shortcuts, these personal pizzas are in and out of the oven in just 20 minutes.
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Chicken Burrito

These burritos feature seasoned chicken, beans, cilantro-lime rice, and shredded cheese wrapped in warm flour tortillas.

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Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Spicy, creamy, cooling — Buffalo chicken wraps are a supreme work-from-home lunch or party food.

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Pastas, Pot Pies, and Casseroles

Cozy is the theme of these crowd-pleasing bakes, which range from cheesy enchiladas to a shortcut chicken pot pie. 

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Chicken Pot Pie
Hearty, comforting, and flavorful — it doesn’t get any cozier than this.
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Enchiladas Suiza
Baked in creamy salsa verde sauce and topped with gooey Oaxaca cheese, these chicken enchiladas are unbelievably delicious.
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Poppy Seed Chicken
This simple, creamy poppy seed casserole is perfect for nights when you just can’t.
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Chicken Enchiladas

In the canon of weeknight dinners, none is more apt at using up leftovers in a way that is flavorful, cozy, and easy than enchiladas.

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Chicken and Stuffing Casserole

An easy casserole recipe made from boxed stuffing, canned cream of chicken or mushroom soup, and a bag of frozen veggies.

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Buffalo Mac and Cheese

Frank's hot sauce is the unexpected ingredient your mac and cheese needs.

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Chicken Parmesan Biscuit Bake

This weeknight-friendly chicken Parmesan biscuit bake is held together by two staples — and smart supermarket shortcuts — for an easy meal the whole family will love.

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Shortcut Dutch Oven Chicken Pot Pie

A weeknight-friendly chicken pot pie recipe that comes together in just one pot and is topped with flaky cheddar and thyme biscuits.

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Creamy Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll-Ups

Bulked up with chicken and spinach and enhanced with both creamy Alfredo sauce and melty mozzarella, this is a rich and indulgent dinner for two.

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Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake

This is really just a good excuse to eat Buffalo chicken wings and dip for dinner. Celery is out and noodles are in!

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Double Spinach Pasta Casserole with Pesto & Asiago Cheese
An easy, freezer-friendly pasta bake that's filled with pesto, Asiago cheese, and baby spinach.
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One-Pot Creamy Chicken Orzo

This easy orzo dish is pure veggie-packed comfort. Made all in one pot, it tastes like grown-up mac and cheese — creamy, cheesy, and packed with good-for-you greens and chicken.

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One-Pot Coconut-Cilantro Rice with Chicken
This 30-minute, one-pot recipe is perfect for nights when you want something warming and tasty without a whole lot of fuss.
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Caprese Chicken Casserole
This Italian-inspired chicken casserole is packed with all the flavors of a classic caprese salad. Shredded chicken and pasta make it a substantial meal.
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Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole
This chicken noodle soup casserole has all the familiar flavors of the classic soup including gorgeous egg noodles studded with sliced onions, carrots, and celery.
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Cheesy Southwestern Chicken Casserole
This comforting Southwest chicken bake is sure to satisfy. It's comprised primarily of canned goods and a store-bought rotisserie chicken, meaning most of the work is already done for you.
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Chicken Spaghetti
Here’s our version of chicken spaghetti that requires no creamed soups but still delivers on big flavors the whole family will love.
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White Chicken Chili Skillet Dip
This one-pan dinner dip is going to change how you feel about boring weeknight meals.
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Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Enchiladas are one of those perfect meals where you get a little bit of something delicious in every bite.
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Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas
Rich and cheesy sour cream chicken enchiladas are comfort food at its finest.
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Chicken Bog
What makes this dish stand out is its rich and creamy rice.
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Baked Skillet Pasta with Chicken, Artichokes, and Lemon

This stunning skillet casserole, with its bright lemon flavor and smattering of fresh herbs, is the very best way to get your pasta fix.

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