5 Shows to Stream After You Finish “The Great British Bake-Off”

published May 8, 2020
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The Great British Bake-Off is a gift. It’s the television equivalent of self-care, and I’ve never appreciated it as much as I do now when I need some great TV to get through the day.

If you haven’t already succumbed to the magic that is The Great British Bake-Off, you’re in for a treat. It’s baking competition series in which a dozen or so home bakers take on baking challenges inside a giant white tent in the English countryside with dreams of being the last baker standing. And even though it’s a competition show, it’s somehow soothing. Things in the tent are kept pretty low key, even when baking disasters strike, and all the contestants are heartwarmingly supportive of one another. Plus, some of the breads, pastries, and cakes these people are asked to bake are so obscure, I feel like I’m always learning new things.

Now, if you’ve already sped through all the “GBBO” Netflix has to offer (and since production on the new season is postponed) and are looking for your next “nice” show, I’m here to help. Any of the recommendations below should do the trick until the next round of bakers head into the tent. 

Making It

You know all that stuff I said up in the intro about The Great British Bake-Off being a competition series that is soothing and nice and full of contestants who are kind to one another? NBC’s DIY-craft competition series Making It is basically that, just without the baking. And the hosts are Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, so you get lots of laugh-out-loud moments. I’m not a DIY-er by any means, nor do I have an interest in becoming one, and yet watching these crafty contestants use their finely-honed skills and big imaginations to come up with some truly great projects in various mediums warms my little heart. My only knock against this lovable show is that there are too few episodes.

Streaming on Hulu and NBC.com

Zumbo’s Just Desserts

This Australian baking competition show, hosted by famed Australian baker and chef Adriano Zumbo and British cook Rachel Khoo, is the flashier cousin of Bake-Off. That only seems natural given its Willy Wonka theme: The contestants are in a Wonka-esque factory and oh boy, THE COLORS, plus the desserts they’re tasked to make are extremely intricate, and focused a lot on the visuals. Yet still, there’s an overwhelming niceness to this show, and even though it looks like a lot of our more cutthroat competition series, there is a sense that everyone is in it together.

Streaming on Netflix

The Great Interior Design Challenge

Ah, yes, The Great Interior Design Challenge — the ultimate Laundry Show. You know a Laundry Show, right? That kind of show you can have on in the background as you do your laundry and don’t have to worry about missing any of it, because even if you walk away for a few minutes you’ll know exactly what’s going on when you return? The Great Interior Design Challenge is perfect for that. Like The Great British Bake-Off this is a British import, this time with amateur interior designers (or, honestly, just people who enjoy interior designing as a hobby), competing in challenges three at a time in all different types of English homes. None of the room reveals are terribly surprising, but you’re always rooting for these designers to succeed. It’s super low-key and might give you some inspo while you’re spending all your time in your own home.

Streaming on Netflix

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Looking for something that gives you the same feelings as The Great British Bake-Off but not necessarily another competition show? Chef Samin Nosrat’s four-part Netflix series that deep dives into four essential elements of cooking is perfect. It’s gorgeously shot, easy to watch, and, like Bake-Off, you’ll learn a whole lot. More than anything though, Nosrat’s joy and curiosity for food and cooking is infectious. You’ll be inspired to head into the kitchen in no time.

Streaming on Netflix

The Wine Show

This is another non-competition series that instantly lowers my blood pressure. Well, okay, first it raises it because, hello, the hosts are handsome actors Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode. But then, after that initial shock, I am immediately calmed by their travels across the globe, as they enlist with wine experts to soak up and then delve out as much knowledge about wine as possible. It’s fun, it’s light, it makes me feel like I’m not drinking alone while self-isolating.

Streaming on Hulu

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