Send Us Your Kitchen Projects! (And a Few Tips For Stellar Submissions)

published Oct 24, 2013
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Have you recently undergone a kitchen makeover or renovation and have great ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of the process? Did you figure out a smart, efficient way to organize your pantry or cupboards, or come across a tip or product that changed your life in the kitchen? We want to see it!

Every week we showcase reader kitchens in our Before and After feature, and we’re always looking for examples of smart kitchen solutions and organizing ideas. If you have a story to tell and good photos to go with it, send it to us! Even better? Follow these tips so we’ll be sure to take notice of your project:

Tips for Submitting Your Project to The Kitchn:

  • Please submit everything through our Contact Form. We have special emails set up through this form to make sure that your submission gets directed to the right editor! Once you indicate you’re a reader, you’ll see a special “Reader Question or Submission” section pop up with selections for “Kitchen Before & After Photos,” “Kitchen Project,” “Cooking Tip,” and more. Just select what matches your submission and then follow the instructions!

  • Send us corresponding ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos! We love it when ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots are taken from the same angle in the kitchen. This really gives us and other readers a sense of the space, and makes the makeover that much more interesting. We know this isn’t always possible, but if you can swing it, it’s, like, definitely an added 50 points for you!

  • We prefer vertical photos. Not required, but vertical photos mean bigger photos on our site, and bigger is better.

  • Include a link to more photos. Our submission form accepts four photo uploads for ‘before and after’ features, but if you have more photos to show off at your personal blog or website, make sure to include that. We’ll pull more photos from there for our post, and we’ll make sure to direct readers back to your link so they can read more about the process!

  • Give us a thorough rundown. We want to really understand what we’re seeing in the photos, so give us a good description of your project, including the budget (if you can share), a list of changes, materials used, shopping resources, and any and all relevant details.

Show us your kitchen projects! → Submit Now