Why You Should Fry Your Grilled Cheese in Mayonnaise!

published Apr 15, 2011
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(Image credit: Dana Velden)

We’ve already featured Jamie Oliver’s toasted cheese and Nora’s Dad’s grilled cheese this week. Now it’s time for a gilled cheese tip from Blood, Bones and Butter author Gabrielle Hamilton, as revealed in the Holiday issue of Canal House Cooking. Her unusual grilled cheese method? Spreading the outsides of the bread with mayonnaise instead of butter before frying. This was something I had to try! Read on for my review.

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Serve with mango chutney, fig preserves or just on its own (Image credit: Dana Velden)

First, let me say this: I know some people might be unsure about ‘hot mayonnaise’ but using a store-bought brand (nothing but Hellman’s/Best Foods is allowed in my kitchen) is perfectly safe. While it’s somewhat unusual, I have used mayo in hot dishes before (such as in hot dips) with no problems and excellent results.

Ms. Hamilton instructs us to spread the outsides of the sandwich with mayo (she, too, is a Hellman’s fan) and fry it up in a non-stick skillet over lowish heat. I gave it a try with a simple whole grain bread and a nice, sharp cheddar. The results? Sublime! The mayo browned nicely into a delicious crust and offered a rich, slightly tangy flavor.

This is going to be my go-to method for grilled cheese from now on.

Gabrielle Hamilton (whose sister Melissa Hamilton is co-author of the Canal House Cooking series) served her grilled cheese sandwiches to company at Christmastime, along with glasses of chilled, crisp champagne. Besides the usual cheddar with mustard, she also made a blue cheese and bacon on pumpernickel and cheddar with mango and jalapeno. Yum!