Should You Buy a Spiralizer? Take This Quiz.

updated Dec 17, 2019
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We have to confess: Spiralizing has lasted longer than we thought it would. Who knew zoodles would have such longevity or that cauliflower rice would be a trend all on its own? But in their short life span, spiralizers have been so much to so many.

If you haven’t tried spiralizing yet, it’s definitely time — or is it? To figure out if you should buy a spiralizer (and if yes, which one), take this strictly scientific quiz.

1. Do you eat enough vegetables?

a) Yes.
b) I try to eat at least one green thing every day!
c) Definitely not.

2. Do you want to eat more vegetables?

a) No.
b) I’m not sure.
c) Yes.

3. Do you have kids?

a) No.
b) I have a dog, does that count?
c) Yes.

4. What is your budget?

a) Teeny-tiny.
b) I have a kitchen tool cookie jar.
c) Sky’s the limit.

5. How big is your kitchen?

a) Closet-like.
b) Small, but functional.
c) Out of a Nancy Meyers film set.

6. Do you have a dishwasher?

a) No, and I hate cleaning.
b) No, but I love cleaning.
c) Yes.

7. How do you feel about food waste?

a) I only buy something when I know I can use absolutely all of it.
b) I try to minimize it and I have a compost pile and/or a dog.
c) I try to minimize it and I don’t have a compost pile and/or a dog.

8. Are you following a Paleo or carb-restrictive diet?

a) No.
b) Sort of.
c) Yes.

9. Can you use the word “zoodle” with a straight face?

a) No (and I think it’s a ridiculous word, in a bad way).
b) No (and I think it’s a ridiculous word, in a good way).
c) Yes, and I do regularly.

10. Are you accident-prone in the kitchen?

a) I’m all thumbs and prone to day-dreaming.
b) I’ve only sliced my finger once (or twice).
c) I can slice and dice like Martin Yan.

Tally up your answers and see which letter you chose most often. Got it? Now see your results.

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