Should I Use IKEA Cabinets in My Kitchen?

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Q: My husband and I moved into a beautiful 1920s Craftsman last year and we love our home, but it needs a lot of work. We are planning a kitchen remodel this summer, with a limited budget and a laundry list of projects.

In order to get the most bang for our buck, I am toying with the idea of putting in IKEA cabinets instead of something more authentic and expensive. Is this sacrilege? I love our old cabinets and countertops but they are barely functional. Our drawers aren’t so much drawers as they are boxes stuck in holes. I long for something that will make better use of the space in our kitchen.

Who has experience with IKEA cabinets? Are you happy with your purchase? Will I be cursed for replacing something so old with something SO generic? Please help!

Sent by Alissa

Editor: Alissa, well, first of all, IKEA cabinets don’t have to look generic! There is actually quite a range of styles, and when installed with precision and care, they can look fabulous.

One note, though. If your current cabinets are real wood and have good bones, you can consider refacing them and having new drawers built. This can be substantially cheaper than new cabinets (even IKEA cabinets). My parents had really, really terrible drawers in their kitchen (they all fell out whenever you opened them). So they recently hired a local cabinet maker to construct new drawer boxes and fronts. He reinstalled the drawers and they work like a dream now. He did their fairly large kitchen and all its drawers for under $500, I believe.

Having said that, the bottom line is that you need to do what is right for your kitchen and your budget, and functionality should come first.

So we’ll turn it over to our readers for a big roundtable on IKEA cabinets. Do you have IKEA cabinets? Do you like them? How was installation? How would you advise Alissa?

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