Should I Buy a Food Mill?

published Sep 16, 2011
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(Image credit: Sur La Table)

Several years ago I owned a food mill like the one pictured here. Somewhere along the way I lost track of it and lately I’ve been wondering if I should purchase another.

Do you own a food mill and can you recommend a brand?

Food mills are an old fashioned kitchen tool. They’re part strainer and part masher/saucer in that a food mill crushes foods by forcing them through a perforated disk which also separates out any seeds, core or skin. They are often used to make applesauce, tomato sauce, pureed soups and to rice (or mash) potatoes.

I have a stick blender and a strainer, which has helped me accomplish many of the things a food mill does but just not as efficiently. Plus, food mills often have three perforated disks, each with different sized holes, which really expands its usefulness.

I make apple sauce, tomato sauce/paste, pureed soups and mashed potatoes, so I know I’ll use it. Maybe not every day or even once a week but often enough. But still I hesitate. Food mills aren’t expensive, but they do take up space and that’s one thing I don’t have right now.

Do you own a food mill? What do you use it for?


Food Mill for Sauce Season