It’s Not Just You — Other People Bring Their Instant Pots on Vacation Too

updated Oct 18, 2019
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Credit: Jenny Chang-Rodriguez

Whenever a member in the secret Instant Pot Community Facebook group claims that they cannot survive without their Instant Pot, I usually take it with a grain of salt. There’s no way that anyone could love and depend on an appliance that much — even if it does have a lot of really cool functions. I chalked it up to exaggeration, until I saw a post in the group that confirmed that some IP obsessives (or Pot Heads, as they so lovingly refer to themselves) actually can’t live without it.

The post in question was a photo of an Instant Pot, in its factory box, sitting on a dolly in a Hawaiian airport after having just been retrieved from baggage claim. The owner explained herself in the caption below: “Flying to Hawaii today and checked my Instant Pot with luggage because it’s a priority …” Key word: priority. Now if we only knew if the IP was flying “Priority,” too, then we’d be in serious business.

Out of curiosity, I polled the rest of the two-million members of the group to find out just how many people are so in love with their IPs that they can’t even go a few days without it. A sampling of more than 150 members chimed in and shared their IP love. Here’s a breakdown of where people have brought their Instant Pots.


“Just getting onto the ferry from Mackinac Island when they wheeled off the luggage carts. Someone brought their Instant Pot on vacation with them!”

Credit: Jamie Roseberry Molnar


“My family went on a 10-day road trip from Texas to Yellowstone. We stayed in a different hotel room each night along the way and I took my pot to cook for my family of five. It really helped cut the cost for dinner each evening!”

“Just got back from a 15-day cross-country excursion. My 8-quart and 3-quart were in the van, too!”

Credit: Annette Lemke Cruea

RVs! (So Many RVs!)

“I take mine in our 5th wheel. Love the easy cleanup and that it doesn’t heat up the RV.”

“We take ours in our RV all the time! I’ve taken it to hotels, also. I have celiac and sometimes have a hard time finding gluten-free food while traveling. So, we travel with our Instant Pot and a Coleman cooler that plugs in like a fridge.”


“I took mine on vacation this spring to save money. I have also used it a few times camping. I love that you can make a simple meal in it that tastes good, and that it can go wherever you want to take it.”

“I am not a big fan of camping because I don’t believe you should have to cook on vacation so I prepare everything ahead of time and then I just have to dump it into the IP. So much easier than the big production of having to cook on a stove outside.”

To infinity and beyond!

And then there’s this super fan who took the whole Instant Pot vacation thing to a whole other level: “No, I didn’t take it on vacation. I bought a new one when I got to my destination. Seriously need one everywhere.”

For anyone who doesn’t have vacation plans, might I suggest this mantra (also courtesy of a lovely Pot Head)? “Whenever I am using my Instant Pot, I AM on vacation.”