Kitchen/Market: New York, NY

Kitchen/Market: New York, NY

Mar 16, 2007

Despite its slightly inflated prices, Kitchen/Market is still a great resource for hard to find Mexican ingredients.

It's also a good place to start when you want to make something like mole, which has been on our Recipes To Tackle list for a while now. The staff was not supremely friendly nor very knowledgeable about the chiles but the ancho ($3.60 for 2 oz.) and guajillo chiles ($3.20 for 2 oz.) needed for red mole are easy enough to find among the over 30 varieties.

They did gush, however, over the Ibarra Mexican Chocolate, often used to make hot chocolate drinks. We didn't use this in the mole but it would probably work pretty well, since mole often calls for cinnamon too.

There are other reasons to visit Kitchen/Market. You can find corn husks ($2.75 for 4 oz.) for tamales, huitlacoche ($4.55 for 7.5 oz.) for everything and "Mexican" canela (This one's actually imported from Sri Lanka, $1.75 for 1 oz.), again for those tamales. They also have a steam table and they'll make you a burrito, like roasted chicken or stewed pork ($8.25), or a tosatado ($8.75), which they can deliver or cater your next party with. That, plus the dozen or so hot sauces and cute Mexican trinkets, are the reasons to visit Kitchen/Market.

Don't go there to buy pine nuts ($6.75 for 4 oz.), repacked and over priced, nor dried apricots ($2.80 for 8 oz.), which are almost double the price compared to Sahadi's. Go because the location is convenient, they have a good variety of items and they're open insanely late.

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