The Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love Costco, Trader Joe’s, Target, and 2 Other Stores

(Image credit: Studio Firma/Stocksy)

While we write about Costco, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and other top stores all the time, there’s just so much to keep up on. Between the sales, new products, and smart ways to use said products at home, we just can’t cover it all. (But we will keep trying!)

Thank goodness for Instagram, though! Just follow a few accounts and you can easily stay up to date on all the things. Which accounts should you follow? (Beyond the brands themselves, that is?) We’ve got that info!

1. If you love Costco

Stop aimless roaming the aisles of Costco! This account highlights new or interesting products at the warehouse store. Even better: It specifically focuses on healthy foods, plus home goods, personal care items, and more!

2. If you love Trader Joe’s

Follow: @traderjoeslist

Not only does this account feature fun new products, but it also runs pics and videos of other people’s carts so you can be nosy without snooping on your fellow shoppers in person.

3. If you love Target

Follow: @targetlife

Wanna know what’s new, on sale, or in the Dollar Spot? This account is full of photos from every section of the store. Of course, we’re partial to the groceries and kitchen stuff. But we love looking at it all … because we’re weak when it comes to Target.

4. If you love Publix

Christina Morris, the savvy shopper who runs this account and the corresponding website, knows how to get a good deal at Publix. She also does a good job of explaining how she does it and pointing out the best deals each week.

5. If you love Wegmans

Follow: @veganwegmans

If you love Wegmans and want to eat a more vegan diet, then you need to follow this account. It highlights all sorts of products with actual reviews and info on how the Instagrammer uses them.

What other Instagram accounts do you follow to keep up with your favorite brands? Tell us in the comments below!