This Stylish New Sanitizer Dispenser Actually Makes It Fun to Clean My Hands

published Sep 14, 2021
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Credit: Shimmy

It seems that nowadays, everyone has a go-to hand sanitizing area in their home. For some, it’s by the front door. For others, it’s in the bathroom, the kitchen, or all of the above. If there’s not a specific sanitizing station, then there’s likely at least one bottle of sanitizer that gets passed around as needed. While it’s nice to have the home equipped with hand sanitizer at a moment’s notice, it’s become so ingrained in our routines that an obvious next step would be to really make it part of the at-home experience (and not just a bottle that sits on a shelf). With this in mind, the Shimmy Home, a space-saving touchless sanitizer dispenser, was introduced. I got the chance to try it out, and here’s why I’m finally giving up those plastic bottles for good.

One of my biggest concerns was that a hand sanitizer dispenser would stick out like a sore thumb. I can’t imagine one of the tall sanitizing stations from shops, theaters, and doctors’ offices at my front door — not that a big bottle of hand sanitizer was much better. I’m happy to confirm that the Shimmy Home quickly put those worries to bed! It arrived securely packaged, with batteries and a bottle of Shimmy hand sanitizer included, and only a few pieces to assemble without the use of tools. All I had to do was put in the batteries, install the sanitizer (it plugs right in), and apply the magnetic cover before setting the dispenser on my countertop. Its soft edges and curved design gives it a laid-back warmth, and because it’s not intrusive or obstructive, the Shimmy Home blends into my space like it was always meant to be there. 

My most recent bottle of hand sanitizer was on its last legs, so this dispenser couldn’t have come at a better time. After my first use, I could immediately see a difference. For starters, the Shimmy Home is motion-activated and doesn’t drip everywhere. Even my bottles of sanitizer would occasionally get build-up. My hands didn’t dry out from the solution, either! I’d gotten into the habit of applying hand cream after sanitizer, but even if I forgot to do so after using the Shimmy Home, I wasn’t dealing with rough, ashy hands moments later. 

While my dispenser came with the original aloe-infused Shimmy sanitizer that’s lightly scented, you can also choose from Meyer Lemon and Rose Hibiscus. The cartridges are made from recyclable aluminum, and refills are sold in pairs; so once you’re down one bottle, there’s already another waiting in the wings. It’s worth noting that there’s a lot of mileage in a single cartridge, as each nine-ounce canister has over 500 doses. I’m still on my first bottle, and the dispenser has yet to notify me that it’s running low. (Oh yeah, it does that, too.) 

Credit: Shimmy

There aren’t many people in my household, so my use is slower than it would be for a home with many individuals constantly in and out. The Shimmy Home is certainly kid-friendly, and there’s an on/off button at the top to prevent any overzealous hands from going to town with it. On the flip side, when the dispenser isn’t being used regularly, it might take a few passes of your hand under the sensor to get the sanitizer to come out again. It’s not a huge inconvenience — it just needs some warming up to get going after a break.

The Shimmy Home is available in three colors: white, soft gray, and navy. However, the possibilities of what it can look like are endless! Its solid color design allows for a wide range of customization, such as doodles, stickers, and decals, and even peel-and-stick wallpaper. I’m still shopping around for a wallpaper sample to decorate mine, but in the meantime, the soft gray is a nice neutral that looks great on its own. Because it’s so easy to decorate, the Shimmy Home can be incorporated into many different rooms like bathrooms, dorms, nurseries, kitchens, office spaces, and more. It can also be wall-mounted.

Credit: Shimmy

Thanks to the convenience of Shimmy Home, I’ve finally been able to get rid of the revolving door of hand sanitizer bottles that have been taking up space on my counter. I get so excited when I have a chance to tell someone new about the dispenser and show them how it works, and I’m even thinking about gifting a couple of them for the holidays this year. Hand sanitizer has always been readily available in my home, but this is by far my favorite method of doling it out. Now, if only I can find the right decorations to really make it my own… any suggestions?

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