Fun Fact: You Probably Have Extra Storage Space That’s Hiding in Plain Sight

published May 11, 2022
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Floating shelves are a great way to display some of your favorite things without taking up any floor space. But if you’re a maximalist, and you’ve already maxed out most of your wall, there might be a spot for shelving that you haven’t considered yet. Just follow the lead of these homeowners.

Rachel and her partner, Jonathan, live in a warm and well-thrifted 900-square-foot bungalow in the United Kingdom with their three children. “We weren’t necessarily looking for a new house,” Rachel says about where she’s lived for the past 18 months with her family. “But when we came across this two-bedroom 1950s-era bungalow with a big garden, we took on the project of turning it into a home.”

Rachel’s design style is heavily inspired by the 1970s, and it’s on display throughout her entire house. “I love warm, earthy tones, the use of pattern, and the quality and design of mid-century pieces,” she says. While every area is uniquely designed, the living room and adjoining dining room are easily Rachel’s favorite spaces. “It’s where we spend our downtime, and with the view of the garden and the woods, it’s really relaxing,” she says. “The space is filled with original pieces collected over the years from all over the country.”

One really unique way that Rachel found to display her favorite items, though, requires almost no wall space at all: She mounted a shelf above the doorway that connects the two rooms. This idea would work regardless of whether there’s an actual door here or not.

“I like anything bamboo, wicker, or rattan, and of course, houseplants,” Rachel says, and she’s got all of the above on display across this space-saving shelf. Some people may hang art above their doorways as to not waste these precious inches, but shelving is an underutilized idea that you can borrow for your own home to make it look and feel unique. Whether you find that you’ve run out of wall — or you just need to keep special pieces out of reach of children or pets — utilizing the space above your doorway for a shelf and storage is a great idea.


This post originally appeared on Apartment Therapy. See it there: Here’s One Way to Max Out the Wall Space in Your Home That You Probably Haven’t Considered