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These $8 Wipes Are Meant for on-the-Go Cleaning, but I’ve Been Using Them Around the House Nonstop

published Jan 30, 2022
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oven stovetop in kitchen with dish towel hanging

Back in 2010, when Shark Tank contestants Tim Stansbury and Erin Whalen first introduced Grease Monkey Wipes on national television, they might not have envisioned their product being used by a mild-mannered mother cleaning up her home. After all, the pair came up with the idea on a 100-mile-long bike ride, during which Whalen had to change a flat tire and was subsequently stuck for the rest of the trek with greasy hands she couldn’t clean off. 

Grease Monkey Wipes, which were designed to be used when soap and water are unavailable, are strong enough to remove stubborn messes, including those caused by dirt, oil, grime, and, of course, grease. It’s the non-toxic citrus oil-based solvents that are effective at dissolving grease.

I couldn’t wait to test out this mighty-but-gentle product around my own home. I ordered a canister of Grease Monkey Wipes and began using them as soon as I received them. First off, I noticed that the wipes dispense easily from the canister and are large enough that they feel more like a towel than a regular hand wipe. This also makes each piece wipe enough for a decent amount of cleaning. As luck would have it, I had quite a bit of cleaning around the house to do.

Shortly after the wipes arrived, I was in the middle of a painting project and had paint all over my hands. I tried Grease Monkey Wipes and was thrilled to discover that they quickly and effectively removed dry paint from my hands.

Credit: Shifrah Combiths
Now you see 'em, now you don't: The wipes made quick work of cleaning this faucet, smudged by fingerprints.

So far so good. Grease Monkey Wipes also proved useful around the house. They melted grease splatters off my stovetop and knobs and erased grubby handprints on a garage cabinet. Then, because I was on a cleaning roll, I tried the wipes on a fingerprint-smudged, brushed nickel faucet. Instantly, it was gleaming with one quick swipe. A wipe also proved powerful against mildew on the garage refrigerator too. Not only did it eliminate mold on the hard plastic, but it also took care of the far more tricky spots on the soft gaskets with a few simple swipes. 

Credit: Shifrah Combiths
Dirty smudges were instantly cleaned from this garage cabinet with Grease Monkey Wipes.

But my favorite use, by far, for Grease Monkey Wipes is removing stubborn sticker and label residue. It’s true that cooking oil and baking soda will get that residue off, but it’s a bit of an ordeal to round up all of the products and apply them. See, my preschool kids had decorated the shoe cabinet with a couple of stickers and, of course, when I tried to peel them off, they left behind remnants of paper and adhesive. Grabbing a Grease Monkey Wipe, I cleaned up all of the sticky residue in a flash. The wipes’ built-in citrus oil worked like a charm. 

What I love most about the wipes is that they are an ultra-convenient, super-effective, and safe product for my household’s toughest messes. If a single wipe is too big for the job at hand, simply cut it down to size, or save the wipe to reuse again later. While I wouldn’t use Grease Monkey Wipes for everyday cleaning (because they’re a bit pricey), they most certainly earned a permanent spot in my cleaning arsenal.

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