This Wet-Dry Vac Will Make You Realize How Dirty Your Floors Actually Are — And Make Them Spotless (It’s on Sale!)

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Living room with hardwood floors.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

With the tremendous variety among vacuum cleaners today, having one that only sucks up dirt isn’t enough. There is no good reason you should have to settle for a uni-tasker vacuum when there are so many multifunctional options readily available — ones that polish floors, pick up wet messes, wash tile, and even steam clean rugs and carpets. Basically, if you have a home cleaning need, you can find a vacuum cleaner built to take it on.

One area where vacuum cleaners have really stepped up their game is in the combination wet-dry category. Modern wet-dry vacs are sleek, easy to use, and so much easier to wash out after you’re done (because they handle most of the internal cleaning themselves). We found a great deal at QVC on this versatile 3-in-1 wet-dry vac from Shark that’s under $300, so if you’re looking to upgrade your cleaning arsenal, this one is a great — and affordable — addition.

This Shark Hydrovac touts a 3-in-1 cleaning capability because it suctions both dry and liquid messes, and mops your floors with a specially designed brush while doing so. That means you won’t have to break out the cleaning spray and wipe down surfaces after vacuuming them — the Hydrovac does it for you. Food spills like cereal and raw eggs are so much quicker and less annoying to clean up when you can do the entire job with just one tool, and the same goes for mud and dirt that you or your pets track inside.

Other wet-dry vacuums can keep your home clean by sucking up all the messes you can throw at them, but Shark’s Hydrovac is remarkable for its ability to make your home smell better, too. Its brushroll is treated with an anti-microbial coating that scrubs out odors from your floors — including carpeted surfaces — and keeps the vacuum head fresh by resisting bacterial buildup. So if the proposal of being able to clean and deodorize at the same time sounds appealing — and why would it not? — then you’ve found the one tool that has you covered.

Credit: QVC

When you get this bundle deal, your vacuum comes with a whole bunch of goodies to keep you stocked for a while: two containers of cleaning concentrate, two brushrools, and two filters. It also includes a three-year warranty directly from Shark in case you run into any issues, although based on shoppers’ reviews praising the Hydrovac, that doesn’t seem like something you need to worry about. One reviewer wrote that this is the best vacuum they’ve used in 56 years, and another appreciated how well it handled both hard floors and rugs. “The Hydrovac did an outstanding job on my rugs without leaving them soaking wet. It also does an outstanding clean and shine on my floors,” they wrote. “If I could give an award to the best vacuum/mop combo, I would award the Shark Hydrovac an Oscar.”

This year, take a new approach to refreshing your cleaning routine with a wet-dry vacuum that makes getting rid of odors and messes incredibly easy. And now is a smart time to shop when you can get nearly 15 percent off this updated model from Shark.