Best Advice (and Brand Recommendations) for Downsizing to a New Refrigerator?

published Aug 6, 2012
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Q: My SO and I have a 22 cubic-foot side-by-side refrigerator that we would like (nay, love) to replace. I’m interested to hear from others who have “downsized” their kitchen refrigerator. Was it difficult to adjust to having less room? Any brand recommendations?

The previous owners of our house remodeled the kitchen and must have purchased the refrigerator as part of an appliance package, since it doesn’t really fit in the available space. For our kitchen layout, this is a “the smaller, the better” situation, so I’m thinking of going down to ~16 cubic feet. We’re usually at 100% capacity on the freezer side and 75% capacity on the fridge side, but I pretty much just throw things in there without trying to make efficient use of the space– so I think that we could make do with less.

Sent by Emily

Editor: Emily, I’m curious here too — in my new kitchen, which we’re currently renovating, we’re going with a slightly smaller, shallower Fisher-Paykel fridge (see the basic model here — we’re getting a floor model so it’s several hundred dollars cheaper than this one).

Readers, have you ever downsized from 22 to 16 cubic feet? What’s your best advice? Any brands to embrace (or avoid)?

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