Shapes We Like: Banana Bowls and Handfuls of Plate

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We were looking at antique banana bowls on eBay today and noticed a shape correlation between these and a new design classic.

The Handful of Plates design is a really smart idea (although a little out of our budget right now). The curved plates let your picnic guests cradle their food more easily and securely. We’re just waiting for a cheaper mass-market version to come along!

But we wonder if these plates were inspired by an older classic design – an original unitasker, perhaps? Banana bowls are often found in milk glass or pressed glass. They are not very common, however, and we’re tickled by the idea of a bowl made just for bananas. We wonder if they date back to the earlier part of last century when bananas were still a luxury fruit. Or perhaps they came into popularity when bananas became a big trend (the Chiquita Banana song, anyone?).

Do you own a banana bowl or these picnic plates?

Handful of Plates $110 for a set of 3 at Greener Grass Design.

Vintage Milk Glass Banana Bowl on eBay. Currently priced at $0.99, and the auction ends in a few hours. $5 shipping.