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I Made the 3-Ingredient Sgroppino Cocktail and Totally Get Why Italians Sip This All Summer

published Jul 20, 2023
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Someone holding Sgroppino cocktail in the garden.
Credit: Choya Johnson

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good drink. I have cocktails like Reba McEntire’s “Strange Juice” and Stanley Tucci’s “Ginloma” in heavy rotation this summer, but one thing I’m always searching for is something new to add to my cocktail recipe list. So when I heard about one of this summer’s biggest hits — the Sgroppino — I knew I had to give it a try. 

Although most of the world is just getting wind of the drink, Italians have been sipping on this frozen treat for years (and years). The Sgroppino has a decorated history dating back to 14th-century Venice, where it was served to aristocrats during dinner to aid with digestion and cleanse the palate between courses. Today, it’s making a well-deserved comeback. 

I couldn’t wait to try this refreshing Venetian cocktail that has gained so much traction. So I headed to the store to grab what I needed to shake things up.

Get the recipe: Sgroppino

Credit: Choya Johnson

How to Make the Sgroppino

This boozy summer drink is pretty simple to make, as it requires only three main ingredients: lemon sorbet (at my local store, they only carried watermelon and cantaloupe flavors, so I went with the former), vodka, prosecco, and an (optional) lemon wedge. 

Start by scooping 3 tablespoons of sorbet into a glass, bowl, or cocktail shaker before adding 1/2 ounce of vodka and 1 ounce of prosecco. Whisk or whip shake (quickly shake together with a small amount of crushed ice) until blended well. Then, pour into a Champagne flute or frappe glass (or any fun glass you have!), garnish with a lemon wedge, and enjoy. 

Credit: Choya Johnson

My Honest Review of the Sgroppino

As someone who loves a good cocktail, I can honestly say this one is amazing. Because it’s made with minimal ingredients, the mixing process was a breeze; this drink is something I could see myself making when I’m in a pinch when friends comes over.

What I enjoyed most about the Sgroppino (aside from the perfect blend of vodka, prosecco, and sorbet) was the history behind the cocktail itself. With all things considered, I would definitely give this cocktail a nine out of 10. 

2 Tips for Making the Sgroppino

  • Change up the sorbet. While this recipe calls for lemon sorbet, if you can’t find any on the shelves of your local store, get creative. Any fruity flavor will work well with the vodka and prosecco.
  • Any bubbly works. Prosecco is traditional, but cava (or, if you want to be fancy, Champagne) totally works too. You could even consider Lambrusco if you’re a fan of the red sparkling wine.

Get the recipe: Sgroppino