Set It Free: Ranges at the Kitchen Island

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Conventionally, the kitchen range is installed against a wall. And for good reason: it makes it a no-brainer when it comes to the ventilation hood: just run it up the wall. But then something happened in kitchen design: the range (or just the cooktop in some cases), was given the freedom to be located on an island in the center of the kitchen. But what about the hood? Here, we’ve gathered some options and examples:

Some ideas for ventilating the island range:

  • Make a statement with the hood.
  • Use a downdraft ventilator at countertop level.
  • Go without any ventilation at all.

One thing we’ve always loved about the cooktop being at an island is that there is no backsplash surface that gets all greasy and grimy. Plus, it puts the chef of the house at a position to see 360-degrees around the room. What do you think of island ranges or cooktops? And what of the ventilation for them?