Serious Comfort Food: Soft White Breadsticks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Somewhere between the low-carb movement and the shift toward artisan breads, it seems to us like the super soft, white breadsticks we remember from our childhood have fallen by the wayside. In any case, it’s been years since we last had one and we’ve definitely got a craving for them now!

The breadsticks we’re talking about aren’t the crunchy thin grissini of Italian restaurants (though those are tasty, too), nor are they mini-baguettes. They’re more like individual pieces of focaccia – chewy, definitely soft on the inside, brushed with a little garlicky butter, and usually sprinkled with a mix of herbs and cheese. Nothing too fancy, really!

And the best was always dipping them in a little warm marinara sauce, left over from whatever went on the pizza or in the pasta sauce. These days we’re also prone to dipping bread in some fruity olive oil and sprinkling with sea salt.

Here are a few recipes that look promising:

Soft Bread Sticks from King Arthur Flour
Soft Garlic Breadsticks from Taste of Home

Anyone have a favorite soft breadstick recipe to share?

(Image: Flickr member manda_wong licensed under Creative Commons)