Eating Local, Eating Well: Home Cooking In September

Eating Local, Eating Well: Home Cooking In September

Faith Durand
Sep 2, 2008

Welcome to September at The Kitchn. How was your summer? Ours was hectic, and it seems like we're not alone in this. Vacations, holidays, August heat, and summer slowdown make kitchen time dwindle.

This September, that's all about to change. We have an agenda for our kitchen this month, and we'd like to bring you along with us.

September is Home Cooking month for us and we're on a mission to get a new kitchen in shape and to cook far more and eat out far less.

But isn't The Kitchn always about home cooking, you ask? Why yes! But this month Home Cooking has a very specific meaning. Besides being an homage to Laurie Colwin's fabulous essays, it also is shorthand for our style of healthy, well-balanced comfort food. This September we want to get back to basics, and that means home cooking.

Home cooking means roast chicken. Home cooking means an omelet for breakfast (witness the ham and Gruyere goodness above). Home cooking means homemade chicken stock. Home cooking means, "I got these tomatoes at the farmer's market." Home cooking means, "I can't cook a whole meal tonight, but at least I can make this salad." Home cooking means trying something new. Home cooking means baking bread. Home cooking means one perfect peach, eaten in peace and quiet. Home cooking means getting your hands dirty. Home cooking means looking for the freshest food you can find, and when you find it, doing something simple and delicious. Home cooking means working around the realities of your life to find enough time to eat well, in a way that works for you. Home cooking means butternut squash in the fall, and bitter greens in January; yams in November and bread panade in February. Home cooking means investment and reward.

But most of all, home cooking means, "I'm home cooking."

Home cooking isn't sleek design or glitzy eye candy; it's not sexy (well, I suppose that depends on whom you ask!) - but it is nourishing, and that's our aim this month. We want to help you nourish your entire home through the kitchen and get reacquainted with your kitchen after a summer away.

We're just getting acquainted with and settled into a new kitchen, and we're going to be blogging the setup and organization. Pantry shelves, flour storage, spice drawers and where the heck does the Tupperware go?

We'll also be getting back into those rhythms of the farmers market and local co-op. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, experimenting with new ingredients, and the daily habits of cooking with what we've got.

And of course there will always be tips, ideas, and recipes for your own home cooking and cooking at home - one of the most nourishing things we know how to do. Welcome to September at The Kitchn - we're glad you're here.

What does home cooking mean to you?

(Images: Faith Hopler)

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