This Top-of-the-Line Chef’s Knife Makes Meal Prep So Effortless, It’s Worth The Splurge

published Dec 7, 2023
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Credit: Shelly Westerhausen/Kitchn

If you’re an avid reader of The Kitchn, you probably already know that knives and knife gear are some of my favorite products to test and review. I have my preferred sharpeners, cutting boards, holders, and blocks — pretty much any knife-related gadget you could think of, I’ve tried out. There’s just something about having a bunch of cool-looking, wicked-sharp knives hanging from your wall that makes a kitchen look (pardon the pun) metal. Over the years, I’ve added so many blades to my collection that my girlfriend has made me I’ve chosen to give some to friends and family, especially my parents — though that’s mostly a gift to myself because whenever I’m back home cooking in their kitchen I have a sharp knife to use. 

And, after testing all of these knives, they can sometimes blend together, but every so often I get to try one that sets itself apart from the pack. In today’s case, it’s the Sekkin Signature Chef’s Knife. This incredibly sharp blade — combined with its distinguished look and ergonomic feel — makes my meal prep so effortless, that it’s worth the splurge. (And, with the holiday season in full swing, it also makes a great gift for the home chef in your life!) 

What Is the Sekkin Signature Chef’s Knife? 

The Sekkin Signature Chef’s Knife is made from Japanese Damascus Steel and 67 layers of high-carbon stainless steel. With a Pakkawood handle and a water buffalo horn bolster, it’s lightweight, ultra-sharp, and effortlessly chic. It also comes with a sleek Magnolia wood sheath, which (if you’re not storing your knife on a magnetic strip) is a great way to protect it — and your fingers — when it’s in a drawer. There’s also a 30-day return policy if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. 

Credit: Ian Burke

Why I Love the Sekkin Signature Chef’s Knife

Like I said, I have a bunch of knives, but this one seems to be more comfortable in the hand than even the most “ergonomically designed” knives in my drawer. I’m not sure if it’s the octagonal handle or the balance, but whatever it is, it makes cutting, dicing, and chopping a blast. Be careful when you take this out of the box though, people, since when they say it comes sharp, they’re not kidding. I was able to shave a good patch of hair off my arm on day one (kind of a weird sharpness test, but effective nonetheless!), so pay attention when you’re working with this thing.

The sharp tapered point also makes it ideal for more intricate work — like breaking down a chicken — and the dimpled sides help stop pieces of potato and carrot from sticking to the knife as you work. Of course, my favorite part of the knife (besides its performance) is just how cool it looks hanging from my knife strip. Plus, I’m not the only one who’s been won over by the Sekkin Signature Chef’s Knife, either. “It’s a game-changer,” one reviewer wrote. “Its unique design adds flair to my kitchen, while its unparalleled sharpness makes slicing a breeze. I’m confident it’ll bring pleasure to my cooking for years. A fantastic gift for culinary enthusiasts who appreciate both style and functionality. Highly recommended!”

Now, at $220, this isn’t exactly the cheapest knife in the drawer — though it’s certainly on the “affordable” side when it comes to high-end blades! — but the top-quality construction and elevated look will help it pay for itself in the long run. Plus, whether you’re getting this for yourself or gifting it to a loved one, nothing beats making meal prep just a little easier.