Do You Have a Secret Food?

Do You Have a Secret Food?

Dana Velden
Jan 31, 2011

Do you have a favorite food that for whatever reason you keep kind of secret? Something that might be considered tacky or childish or maybe even a little bad for you? Read on for my secret food confession and then be brave and tell us yours in the comments!

OK. I'll make it easy on you and start with my own confession: every now and then I buy a box of Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts, which I love to eat straight from the packet with a cup of strong coffee. While I wouldn't say I keep them a secret, I did notice recently that when a friend stopped by for an afternoon cuppa, I pushed the box to the back of the cupboard and offered her some fancy gingersnaps instead.

I know someone who once a year (only once!) goes through the McDonald's drive-thru by himself and orders the whole shebang: Big Mac, large fries and a huge Coke. Another friend loves Cheetos but will only eat them when she's in a darkened movie theatre (only to reveal her tell-tale orange fingers when the lights go up!)

So why the secrecy? Sometimes, like in my case with the Pop-Tarts, our secret foods are from our childhood and while they hold the allure of nostalgia, they also seem a little childish. Other times, we know that they are bad for us, or that they'll be judged as tacky by our friends and colleagues. Or maybe we just like to keep it to ourselves, a little something that's our private indulgence.

What about you, dear readers? Is there a food you only indulge in behind closed doors? Something that you allow yourself only once and a great while? Tell us your secret food indulgences!

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(Image: Pop-Tarts)

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