Virtual CSA Box: Cabbage

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s that time of year again: the time of year when eating seasonally means potatoes, cabbage, and onions. This may dismay some, but not us. We’ve talked about cabbage before, and we have slowly grown to love this smelly veggie.

Cabbage has an assertive strength that can smell up a whole kitchen, but it can also be subdued into a fragrant, flavorful vegetable side, so this strength makes it a welcome staple of the winter kitchen. Its crunchy yet tender leaves give much-needed flavor and texture to winter dishes too.

We have a friend who is languishing for want of a good stuffed cabbage recipe – does anyone have recommendations? We’re looking for a Ukrainian recipe, specifically.

We’re also thinking about revisiting our Red Cabbage and White Bean Salad and this wildly unexpected and delicious Wine-Braised Cabbage – it is really just so good.

What’s in your CSA box this week? Is it still full of seasonal fruits and vegetables, or is it dwindling to cabbage and potatoes? If so, what are you doing with your cabbage this week?

(Image credit: World Community Cookbook)