Recipe Roundup: Sweet Ways to Use Yellow Plums

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re going to be the bearers of bad news up front: We don’t have the recipe for this beautiful plum cake. (It’s from Flickr and the comments aren’t in English, unfortunately.) But it served as inspiration for finding a bunch of recipes to use up the bounty of yellow plums we got in our CSA this week…

Our plums are small and sweet with a thinner, less tart skin than larger purple plums. We’ve been considering individual cobblers, maybe some jam, but they’re so pretty and jewel-like, we thought we might highlight them in a more inventive way.

This tart over at Smitten Kitchen is tempting — and a close cousin to the photo above:

We also found these recipes that specifically call for yellow plums:

And more plum recipes from our archives:

(Image: Flickr member kokjebalder, licensed for use under Creative Commons)