Recipe Review: Dorie Greenspan’s Summer Corn Soup

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We didn’t have time to snap a photo of our own version of this soup before we gifted it to a friend, but the inside of the pot in this homey shot from Bon Appétit looks identical to what we saw in our kitchen.

The soup was very, very good, by the way. Get a link to the recipe, below…

The recipe comes from the August 2008 issue of Bon Appétit and was created by Dorie Greenspan. It involves a few steps — nothing major — but it’s not a dump-and-cook kind of soup. You steep the milk and naked corn cobs in one pot while sautéing vegetables, including the corn kernels, in another.

There’s rosemary and thyme, which add an amazing aroma to the soup while it cooks, and the flavor is appropriately corny and creamy without being too heavy. (We did sneak a few spoonfuls before passing it on to our friend.)

Our one tip is this: We started seeping the milk and corn cobs in our larger dutch oven, where we envisioned the finished soup, before reading through the recipe. It calls for adding the milk mixture to the vegetables, though, not the other way around. Not a big deal, but you want to sauté your vegetables in the bigger pot.

Get the recipe:

(Image: Aya Brackett for Bon Appétit)