Seasonal Cooking: Spaghetti with Ramps

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you tired of hearing about ramps? Well, their season is short, so we’re striking while the iron is hot. Here’s another dish, one we really want to make this weekend: Spaghetti with Ramps.

Click below for more information on this super simple recipe from a celebrity chef…

The recipe comes from Mario Batali, via the Martha Stewart Show, and it’s nothing more than sautéing some ramps and adding them to spaghetti with olive oil, breadcrumbs, and red pepper flakes. Couldn’t be easier. We’d add a sprinkle of cheese.

Is it just us, or do simple, light pastas with some green vegetables sound like the perfect late lunch over the weekend?

Here’s the recipe:

Anyone doing something interesting with ramps?