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The $20 Amazon Find That Saves Me Money and Keeps My Pantry Organized

updated Jan 19, 2021
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Credit: Diana Liang

When my nightly TikTok scroll led me to this problem-solving pantry product, it was pretty much love at first sight. You see, I consider myself a fairly organized person, but there’s one pesky problem that consistently messes up my pantry: plastic bags of food. 

The cabinet where I store my dry foods (like rice and beans, pancake mix, and essential baking supplies) is pretty much organized — except when the plastic bags leak all over, thanks to a faulty chip clip or a broken twist-tie. Constantly cleaning up those accidental spills is annoying, but that’s not the only frustrating part of all the partially open bags in my pantry: It’s also a huge waste of food and money. That’s where my new favorite kitchen hack comes in.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

If you’re like me and you like the idea of decanting but never quite get around to swapping out bags and boxes for fancy jars, you’ll want these sealing clips. The idea is to keep all your dry foods sealed like you would with standard food bag clips or twist-ties. But this food saver takes sealing a step further because it also includes a built-in spout, which makes pouring from the bag super easy.

I love that I’m not only saving money by keeping my food fresher, longer, but I’m also preventing annoying spills in the pantry. The bag seal also makes pouring and measuring (directly from the bag!) more precise — another way this saves food and money.

The best part is that these clips are amazingly versatile. You get six in a package and they form a seal and pour from literally any plastic bag, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of removing the item from its original package just to keep your pantry organized. Once the bags are sealed, they can be sat up on a shelf (the clip actually helps the bags sit nice and squat, which also adds to the organization!).

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Now, thanks to my nightly TikTok habit and a worthwhile $20 investment, my pantry is cleaner and my food is fresher — and I actually enjoy measuring out powdered sugar when I make my favorite cupcake frosting!