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The Italian Grocery I Sneak Back from Every Trip to Europe

published Jul 17, 2023
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Two halved Croissants (you can see the filling) with pistachio and chocolate cream on a oblong terazzo serving board on table
Credit: Carlo A/Getty Images

Maybe one of the dorkiest things about me (and there are many) is that grocery stores are often my first stop on any vacation, especially when heading overseas. To me, grocery stores are essentially the ultimate version of a museum, with all the people-watching and gawking at the “art” (new-to-me cheese, wine, and bread). 

Most importantly? Foreign grocery stores are packed with reasons to leave plenty of room in your luggage for my kind of souvenirs. One of those must-buy “souvenirs”? Sicilian pistachio cream (aka crema al pistacchio). 

But even if you don’t find yourself in Italy this year (or, if you run out of your stash) you can get the same experience by picking up the Scyavuru Crunchy Pistachio Spread at Eataly or even Amazon

Credit: Mackenzie Filson

What’s So Great About Scyavuru Crunchy Pistachio Spread?

Let’s just say, there’s definitely a reason why you might see containers of pistachio cream locked up in Italian grocery stores (yes, as if they’re razors or expensive perfume in a convenience store!) Creamy, sweet, and lightly crunchy, pistachio cream is a goldmine in itself and can be found pretty much in everything good and sweet across Italy. As it should! 

My first experience with crema al pistacchio was a delightfully overstuffed cornetto in Florence, but, as you’ll find out, you’ll be so glad to see it stuffed into doughnuts or folded into a cake, too. Nutty, vanilla-y, with a white chocolate-adjacent base, this spread improves nearly everything it touches.

As my most recent jar of green gold started to get sparse, panic rushed in. I knew I’d have to re-up my stock for my morning toast routine and fast, especially because I had recently shared the wealth with any and all friends who had yet to experience the beauty that is pistachio cream. 

I headed over to Eataly to survey the goods and saw not just one jar of pistachio cream, but three! One was even in a cute little tube (!) I could absolutely imagine eating like it was Go-Gurt. To my relief, spoonful-by-spoonful, the Scyuvuru jar and last swipe of my Italy-purchased jar were essentially identical. Phew. 

What’s the Best Way to Use Scyavuru Crunchy Pistachio Spread?

I know these might be fighting words, but if you’re a chocolate hazelnut or speculoos diehard, Sicilian pistachio cream is about to likely dethrone both. This peppy green spread is a dream swirled into gelato (whether it’s homemade or topped on a scoop of store-bought), used as a dip for fresh strawberries, pretzel sticks, frosted on a cake, or folded into a cheesecake. When in doubt, I take a hearty dollop of pistachio cream and stuff it into a store-bought buttery croissant to instantly take my taste buds all the way back to Florence. 

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