Scrub Daddy’s New Summer Sponges Will Actually Make Cleaning Fun

published Jun 30, 2023
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Before I started writing for Kitchn, I’d heard of Scrub Daddy and seen online ads for their smiley, multicolored cleaning products. But perhaps because of their silly brand name and cutesy designs, I never seriously considered them a viable option when it came to picking out sponges and scrubbers for heavy-duty degreasing. Then, I saw what fellow Kitchn writers had to say. My colleagues have praised Scrub Daddy time and time again, and for no small reason. You can use their products on just about any surface and leave it sparkling clean, whether we’re talking grimy oven interiors, greasy cookware, or grill grates caked with black buildup.

Amazon shoppers are in full agreement when it comes to their love for this fun but effective cleaning brand, especially with regard to the sponges. What’s even more exciting is that Scrub Daddy recently released a set of three sponges in adorable shapes for summer. They’re already a hit with customers, and at just over $20 for a pack, they’re also super budget-friendly.

What are the Scrub Daddy Summer Shapes Sponges?

This Scrub Daddy set comes with three ergonomic, dishwasher-safe foam sponges that promise to rid your grossest surfaces of grease, food, dirt, and other unwanted substances. First, though, we should take a moment to acknowledge these shapes. With the set, you get a little purple octopus, a cheerful red crab, and a none-too-scary-looking blue shark. Suffice to say, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a cuter cleaning brigade. More importantly, the sponges scrub away at even the toughest stuck-on messes without scratching your counters, cookware, or oven. Of course, you can also use these in the bathroom and all other areas in need of a scrub. What’s more, the marine-themed sponges don’t hold onto odors, and their smiles do more than just spark joy. Specifically, you can swipe spoons and other utensils through the sea creatures’ mouths for a thorough clean and place your fingers through the eye holes to reach the bottoms of tall glasses. In short, smart design is in Scrub Daddy’s DNA.

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.8/5

“Super cute addition to the beach house, or any home. They get the job done and nothing sticks to them. Super durable and long lasting.” – Jess T.

“I can’t remember what sponges I used or what it was like before I started using these, but it wasn’t a happy time. These are adorable, they are super cool, innovative companies always coming out with new better products and these really last long time so I don’t feel like I’m always throwing a sponge away or that they’re gross.” – Betsy H.

“Now one of my favorite cleaning products. It is great for scrubbing without scratching.” – Megzine

Even though they’re a recent release, the summery sponges already have over 1,200 five-star ratings on Amazon, a testament to their efficacy. Simply put, they blow all other sponges out of the water. If you’re after a cleaning tool that’ll work hard and last a long time without eroding, try a set of Scrub Daddy sponges for yourself.

Buy: Scrub Daddy Summer Shapes Sponges, Pack of 3, $21.03 (normally $24.90)