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The New Cleaning Tool That’s Even Better than My Beloved Scrub Daddy

published Nov 17, 2021
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If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’ve probably stumbled upon a video (or three) from pro housekeeper Vanesa Amaro. Not only does Amaro use the platform to demonstrate some of the amazing cleaning techniques she uses on her clients’ houses, but she also generously shares her go-to products for achieving sparkling homes. One product she’s recently raved about: the brand-new Scrub Daddy Microfiber Cloths.

I’m a big fan of Scrub Daddy sponges, so I was thrilled to learn that a brand I trust had released microfiber cloths. Now, as a cleaning writer, I will admit that I’m not exactly in short supply of microfiber cloths, but after hearing Amaro enthusiastically describe these towels as “thick and plushy,” I couldn’t wait to try them out for myself!

Credit: Ashley Abramson
Ooh! I can't wait to test out these new ultra plush Scrub Daddy microfiber cloths.

As soon as I got them out of the package, I realized these are not your everyday microfiber cloths. They are, indeed, “thick and plushy,” just as Amaro describes. In fact, they feel more like a fleece blanket or jacket than the usual flimsy cleaning cloths. They come in a pack of two — a gray and a yellow — which is perfect for color-coding and preventing cross-contamination if you’re cleaning up food messes or working in your bathroom. I decided to use the yellow one for food spills and the gray one for dusting. 

Let me just say: I was amazed to learn how absorbent these cloths are. Usually, I have to rinse my microfiber cloth for a bit to get it wet enough to wipe down my counters or kitchen table. These, surprisingly, held a lot of water, so they are ideal for cleaning up big messes or wiping up spills. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson
Look how absorbent and easy it is to wipe up messes!

My kids had just finished breakfast when I was wringing out my yellow cloth to try it out, and it did a fantastic job of wiping away the sticky jam and juice residue. As most people know, microfiber cloths contain millions of tiny fibers that have a slightly positive charge to attract grime and dirt. These Scrub Daddy cloths work wonders! And, honestly, the fluffy towel is just fun to hold. I first used the microfiber cloth to pick up dust and crumbs from my kitchen table. I then folded it over and used the other side to wipe down my countertop, and there was still enough moisture to handle the job. I was genuinely amazed!

The Scrub Daddy Microfiber Cloths are also super effective when it comes to dusting and polishing. I started out buffing my stainless steel kitchen appliances, then I dusted my windowsills and trim. The fluff had no problem picking up dust and debris, which I easily shook out into the trash when I was done. 

After testing out the Scrub Daddy Microfiber Cloths, I totally understand Amaro’s enthusiasm and heartily recommend you try these out, too!

Buy: Scrub Daddy Microfiber Cloths, $5.99 (originally $9.88)

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