The New $4 Scrub Daddy Tool That Makes Dusting a Million Times Better

published Sep 17, 2021
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Credit: Mackenzie Schieck

When professional house cleaner Vanessa Amaro talks, I listen! After all, she hasn’t steered me wrong yet. She had a great trick for cleaning between the glass on my oven door. And I still love my Scour Daddy sponges that I purchased after watching one of her videos on TikTok.


Reply to I still have it linked on my bio. Crazyyy to think it has been sold out twice now because of you 😱😱😱@scrubdaddy

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So when Amaro featured a brand-new product from Scrub Daddy — the Damp Duster, for just $3.99 — and noted that it had already sold out twice, I couldn’t add it to my online shopping cart fast enough! After changing my color choice (the cool silver was out of stock, but the signature yellow was still available), I waited eagerly.

While I waited, I watched the video a few (dozen) more times. The duster comes pre-moistened and, in Amaro’s video, effortlessly lifts a visible layer of dust from wood furniture. It’s admittedly very satisfying to watch. Plus, I was curious: There’s been plenty of debate about dry vs. wet dusting — dry dusting relies on a dry duster or microfiber cloth while damp dusting uses a lightly moistened one to pick up all of the debris — would this inexpensive, spongey duster work as well as it does in Amaro’s TikTok? The duster arrived and it was time to find out!

Credit: Rochelle Bilow
Here's the brand new Damp Duster! Let's try it out!

This duster is the real deal. The first area I tackled was my kitchen baseboards. Although I couldn’t see any dust on the wood (I clean regularly!), the Damp Duster found plenty. One swipe revealed a shocking amount of dust. I was both horrified and delighted and kept going to town! Not only did it pick up all of the dust, but there were also no streaks left behind (something that often happens with damp dusting).

Amaro mentions in the video that “at the end of the day, you just rinse it off and it’s back to being clean.” That might be a slight exaggeration — I rinsed mine under cool running water a few times as I dusted around the kitchen. Otherwise, I felt like I would have just deposited dust onto other surfaces. 

I’ll note that this works best on “true dust,” rather than crumbs, hair, or fuzzies. Vacuum or sweep first, then break out this bad boy for the fiddly parts. And there is a small learning curve to using it. The texture and shape of Scrub Daddy’s Damp Duster is similar to a Magic Eraser, and I found myself trying to “scrub” at marks and discolorations on my baseboards and shelves. Silly me! That’s not what the Damp Duster is for!

Credit: Rochelle Bilow
Wow! Check out all that dust!

It is, however, a total beast at dusting! It’s squishy enough to maneuver around hard-to-reach spots like blinds, the television base, and bookshelf corners. I know this because after tackling my kitchen, I ended up spending the entire afternoon dusting my house with the Damp Duster! (Seriously, it works that well!) Not only does it clean better than my usual rag, but it was also way more rewarding. I love how the little ridges lifted and captured all of the dust. 

I’ll definitely be buying the Damp Duster again, but this tool is so durable that I have a feeling it will be a long time before I’ll need another.

What’s your method for dusting? Would you try the Damp Duster? Tell us in the comments below.