I Swapped My Filthy Sponge for This Single-Use Alternative — and I’m Never Going Back

published Apr 22, 2022
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Like most people, I don’t exactly look forward to cleaning dishes. But I’ve recently come to the realization that it’s not so much the act itself, but the tools I’m using to get the job done. While I have loads of brushes that I actually can’t live without (my Lodge Cast Iron brush, a bottle brush, and of course, the editor-favorite Tenacious C ), I’ve yet to find an everyday sponge that doesn’t gross me out. And I know I’m not the only one! Let’s be real: Sponges are typically not the most functional item— they don’t air dry quickly (hello, mold playground) and they smell. I’ve tried all sorts of tricks to keep them fresh, (microwaving, dishwashing, wringing them out) but no matter what I do, it seems I’m always left with a mildewy scent on my fingers and a sad-looking sponge.

It wasn’t until recently that I finally found the sponge of my dreams (yes, really!). Goldune, a home goods retailer with a commitment to sustainable and ethically-sourced products, was kind enough to gift me these Scrub & Throw Compostable Sponges recently, and now I can’t live without them. I must confess, I doubted that they’d actually work, but to my delight, I was totally proven wrong!

These single-use sponges look like a compressed loofa and are super thin, so they don’t take up precious cabinet space. In fact, I can fit 90 of these sustainable sponges in just three, two-by-two inch storage containers in my kitchen. Once you wet them, these 100-percent organic, plastic-free squares blossom into the thickness of your average sponge. They even have one side that’s rougher for heavy-duty messes just like a traditional sponge. Both sides of these non-scratch compostable sponges gently (yet effectively) clean even the more finicky ceramic non-stick surfaces — I’m looking at you Always Pan!

As mentioned above, they’re only meant to be used once, but they’re actually super sustainable. Unlike regular sponges, you can compost them so you’ll never have to feel guilty about tossing out a sponge again. Best of all, because they’re 100-percent biodegradable, these sponges break down completely in just about 30 days. Although I use my Scrub & Throw sponge for a few days before retiring it to the compost bin, I know that if I only use it once for extra-dirty jobs, I don’t have to worry about contributing to a never-ending waste issue.

Another one of their best qualities is that they dry super quickly, which prevents bacterial growth (aka less odor!). This also means they don’t develop any slimy, grimy layers, and because they’re so porous, it’s super easy to wipe off food remnants before you let them air dry. And speaking of air drying, Goldune has the perfect Full Circle Countertop Caddy (which comes with a handy bottle-drying rack) that I’ve been using to dry my sponges as well as my Swedish dish cloths.

Take it from me: Once you make the switch to these game-changing Scrub & Throw sponges, you won’t miss your old, grimy sponge at all. It’s a solution that’s good for you, your kitchen, and the planet. Now I call that a win-win situation!