Screening Off an Open Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Many a small kitchen is open to the living room, dining room, or an entire studio apartment. And while we love our kitchens here at The Kitchn, it can be nice to be able to screen them off now and then.

Whether you’re entertaining or just wanting a more streamlined look for yourself, here are some open kitchens that have the ability to fall to the background when they’re not in use:

1 A series of folding doors in this Madrid apartment hides the kitchen, storage, bathrooms and even a bedroom arranged along a hallway.
2 a nod to the old beaded curtain
3 This is actually a butler’s pantry, but we could see hanging a similar curtain in the open doorway of a small kitchen. Tie it back by day, let it down for entertaining or just to close it off from, say, a studio apartment.
4 This sliding door can move on a track to conceal the kitchen at a moment’s notice.
5 This rye straw screen is just one example of a folding screen that can be pulled out when company’s over.

6, 7 The kitchen in this open apartment is a standout because of its color, not its visibility. It hides away seamlessly behind glossy orange doors when not in use.
8, 9 Another hide-away kitchen, this time with a beautiful pattern that doubles as artwork when closed.

(Images: Santos-Diez / ClicarQ , Apartment Therapy, Apartment Therapy, Sunset via The Kitchn, Farm21 , Logos, designboom)