The Surprising Tool That Makes Extra-Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

published Aug 19, 2020
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Credit: Kelli Foster

Breakfast for dinner is always a treat. But, with zero hyperbole, my kids act like they’ve won the lottery whenever I tell them they’re getting scrambled eggs and toast for Third Meal. And I strongly believe it’s how I make them that makes them so special: with a cocktail shaker and a nylon fork.

See, I like my eggs shaken — not beaten. My mom used something like this aluminum one when I was a kid (we appropriately called it the Egg Shaker!) and her scrambled eggs were always perfectly aerated and fluffy, without a single streak of observable egg whites. I don’t know where she got this egg-making trick from, but now I’m continuing the tradition with my own kids.

Technically, you could use anything with a cap to make these fluffy scrambled eggs (like those plastic smoothie shakers), but I prefer the cocktail shaker. Why? It’s easy to clean, does not retain any raw egg smell, and it’s just fun. A standard-sized cocktail shaker is also big enough to hold a few eggs (enough to feed a family, for sure). I just crack the eggs into the shaker, add a splash of milk and a sprinkle of salt, and get to shaking. (Tip: If you want to make an omelet, you can even add in your mix-ins here too.) Shake, shake, shake. Then, remove the strainer and pour.

Cook the eggs over medium heat, stirring continuously (this is where that nylon fork comes in) and you will get the fluffiest, most cloud-like scrambled eggs you’ve ever had. And you’ll have a little more fun in the process. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the fork, it’s got to be nylon (so you don’t scratch the pan) and it’s got to have three tines (the two-tined ones don’t work as well). I find that this fork keeps that fluffiness intact, whereas more traditional spatulas tend to flatten the results.

Can you make decent scrambled eggs without these things? Sure, it’s not rocket science. Your kids just might not act like they’ve hit the jackpot when you tell them it’s what’s for dinner.