I Tried This Popular, Bleach-Free Patio Furniture Cleaner — Here’s My Honest Review

published Jul 9, 2021
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A few years ago, we built an addition onto our house. One of my favorite parts is the screened porch we now have in the back. My husband insisted we buy comfortable furniture, so the tiny outdoor room has become a place of solace — especially while we were holed up during the pandemic.

But things get dirty out there. Even on a covered, screened porch, the furniture gets coated with a veneer of dirt. And by the end of spring, there’s a visible layer of pollen. Not great, considering we like to eat out there, too. (Hello, allergies!) So, yes, the patio has been overdue for a thorough cleaning.

Rather than haul out the pressure washer, though, I wanted to try Scotts Outdoor Multi Purpose Formula. I’d heard good things about it and it seemed far more convenient to simply attach a sprayer onto our garden hose. Plus, it said it could be used on cement, siding, and wood. But the best part was that I wouldn’t have to worry about it harming our grass or plants with the runoff — the formula is said to be bleach-free and plant safe!

I pulled the dirty cushions from the outdoor couch and sprayed them with the cleaner as directed. I let the product sit and then I scrubbed away at some stains before rinsing. While the cleaner didn’t seem to do much to penetrate the tough, old stains, it did do a good job lifting loose dirt. My cushions were visibly freshened up! For anyone doing routine maintenance to clean patio cushions, Scotts’ formula is an easy way to make sure outdoor furniture gets as clean as possible with little more than a hose. 

All clean!

Next, I tried the cleaner on a plastic Adirondack chair and was happy with the results. Just like before, I sprayed and let the product sit. This time, I didn’t feel like I needed to scrub. As I was rinsing, the dirt slid right off! Even the dirt that was lodged in the grooves of the chair and in the wood-like texture came right out.

I was on a roll! I couldn’t help myself so I also tried the product on the cement patio. I sprayed it on, waited, and hosed it off. I typically do a quick clean of the patio with just a hose, but the added power of the outdoor cleaner meant hardly any effort.

A Final, Honest Verdict

My final, honest verdict: Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Multi Purpose Formula is good at loosening dirt from cushions and concrete, and for cleaning hard, non-porous outdoor furniture, such as plastic or resin. In fact, this is a great use of the product because pressure washing can sometimes be too strong for these types of materials. For improved cleaning that requires little more than adding an attachment to your hose, this cleaner is a convenient pick!

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