The $7 Kitchen Tool That I Always Use to Clean My Shower

updated Jun 16, 2023
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My friends and family know that I’m an extremely tidy person. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve organized for pleasure, annoying my playmates by lining up stuffed toys and meticulously arranging dollhouse furniture. These days, I clean my countertops while I wait for the coffee to brew and vacuum the couch weekly. But I have a secret: I hate deep cleaning — the type of cleaning that takes multiple hours and requires a laundry list of supplies and concoctions.

My biggest issue with big, deep cleaning tasks is that they eat up my precious weekends when I’d much prefer to rest. Of course, there are some deep cleaning jobs I can’t avoid, but I prefer the type of cleaning that’s built into my routine, like brushing my teeth or making my bed. That’s why I am eternally grateful to the friend who introduced me to the sneaky, time-saving trick of keeping a dish wand in the shower — and I found the best one to use: this Scotch-Brite dish wand brush scrubber from Amazon.

I like it because of its simple aesthetic and handy soap dispensing button. The firm yet bendy bristles get in between small tiles and scrub better than the average sponge. Plus, at under $7, it’s inexpensive enough to keep in each bathroom of my home.

Credit: Jordan Souza
A quick run in with my favorite dish wand gets out the dull sheen on the shower handle.

While there are many products and DIY recipes out there, I like to stick to this simple cleaning formula: combine equal parts dish soap and distilled vinegar in the wand. About once a week, when I notice a little buildup growing out of the corner of my eye as I lather and rinse, I just reach for this dish wand and do some light scrubbing on the floor, tiles, handle, and even the shower head. This process takes me no more than a minute but the results are astounding. I usually refill the wand every three weeks too.

Credit: Jordan Souza
It also removes the splotchy buildup on the tiles.

I don’t spend an hour each weekend cleaning my showers and tubs. Instead, with a bit of maintenance, my shower stays nice and tidy. I love when a simple hack transforms my day-to-day routine and lifts a burden. It’s like so many things with cleaning: a little maintenance goes a long way in keeping my home fresh.

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