These Cocktail Glasses Always Get Me Compliments — And They Make the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

published May 10, 2023
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Credit: Miki Carter

Ever since I was 19, I’ve wanted a bar cart. (I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds.) No, dear reader, I was not someone who imbibed at a young age — however, I was someone who always found myself enamored with the look and style of a bar cart. With that being said, I knew the second I moved out it was one piece of decor I wasn’t passing up. So, when I moved into my first apartment, I found the bar cart of my dreams and began to deck it out. Naturally, one of the first things I bought was a set of glasses. As someone who’s not fond of martini, coupe, or Nick and Nora glasses, it was a challenge to find a pair of cocktail glasses that would make a statement without being too over the top. That is, until a random scroll through West Elm led me to what is not only one of my favorite purchases, but one my friends and family also can’t get enough of: Schott Zwiesel Pure Crystal Whiskey Glasses.

If you’re familiar with the name Schott Zwiesel, it’s because the legacy glass maker has a reputation that precedes itself. The makers of fine glassware since 1872, when you pick up one of their products you know you’re getting stylish and high-quality glasses — so it’s easy to see why I went for them. These whiskey glasses are made of Tritan crystal glass, designed to be easy on the eye but still dishwasher-safe. The real magic of these glasses, though, comes in the “dancing” design. With a unique rounded base, they “dance” when you move them, wiggling and wobbling without ever falling down for a cheeky bit of fun that’s sure to have guests talking.

Credit: Sarah Vazquez

When I saw these were called “dancing whiskey glasses” I pretty much clicked “add to cart” right then and there. Once they arrived, I was more than glad I did. Fabulously decorating my bar cart, these glasses are also the Goldilocks of cocktail glasses in that they are quite literally perfect for every kind of drink. From mojitos and margaritas to simple mixed drinks and (of course) the perfect pour of whiskey, I reach for these glasses more often than not. They’re also my go-to glasses when I have company over — and every time I use them I always get compliments. In fact, my father loved them so much (and threatened to take them so many times) I picked up a pair for him last Father’s Day. Now he greets me with a “cheers” every time he FaceTimes me. What a win.

Coming in at $26 a pair, the Schott Zwiesel Pure Crystal Whiskey Glasses are a bit of a pricey spend, but worth it if you’re looking to invest in high-quality glassware that won’t completely break the bank. Now, I’m off to make an afternoon refreshment — guess which glasses I’ll be using!