School Lunch: What Are Your Memories?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Elizabeth’s round-up of lunch boxes earlier this week got us feeling all nostalgic for our grade school days. Then, this morning as we packed up our lunch, we started getting misty eyed for school hot lunches. Remember fish stick day? And the jello desserts? Or did you always bring your lunch from home? What do you remember?

When I think back on it now, all those school lunches blur together. Lunch was social time and a break from classes. The eating part of lunchtime was just incidental!

After grade school, it was exclusively lunches brought from home for me. I remember a lot of turkey sandwiches. There was always an apple or banana. And also trying to desperately trade away my mother’s homemade chocolate chip cookies for Little Debbie’s Snack Cakes – oh, how I shake my head at that younger me!

It’s actually funny to realize how little has changed. I still always pack fruit, though the turkey sandwich has been (mostly) replaced by whatever is left from dinner the night before. Instead of juice boxes, I bring my own thermos filled at home. Still the same basic components packaged neatly in a little lunch bag.

Except that I definitely don’t trade away those cookies anymore. Those are all mine.

What are your school lunch memories?

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