School Lunch Mockery: How “Normal” Were Your Lunches?

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Did your school lunch fit in or set you apart? A mother writes into Chow’s Table Manners to lament how her daughter is being teased for the variety of lunches she brings to school (hint: she’s not packing bologna sandwiches). Did you ever bring a “weird” lunch to school? Have your kids ever felt singled out because of a comparatively eccentric brown bagged treat?

My favorite lunch was something my mom wouldn’t pack for me very often (and with good reason): cold Domino’s pizza from the night before. Some kids would turn up their noses, but I loved the stuff. How would I have fared with whitefish salad or quinoa patties? I probably would have been a little wary of showing them around.

This stems back to another debate regarding so-called kid food versus adult food. Do you prepare a special meal for your kids while you cook an adult meal for yourself? I can see how a carefully crafted tempeh salad or Japanese rice balls might turn a few heads. But at least you know the other kids won’t be trying to steal any for themselves!

Do your kids complain of being teased over packed lunches? Do you have memories of strange lunches you brought to school when you were a kid?

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